I have been passionate about art, especially moving pictures and storytelling for all my life. This passion has taken me to spend most of my time creating original and aspiring art, in the mediums of; short films, 3D art and conceptual art. I also have a relatively vast technical skillset in these mediums, featuring softwares like Blender 3D and Adobe applications. These various skillsets have landed me to work in the advertising and design industry for over three years.
But among all these, my greatest passion is storytelling via cinema. I have been making short films for  as long as I can remember. Starting out with little vignettes that were filmed in our backyard with my sister while growing up in Finland. And later experimenting with stop-motion animation and finally getting my feet wet with finished short films STAR CROSSED (2018), VIRTAUS (2019) and The Two of Us (2019). 
My personality has been described as a highly creative extrovert, with a strong vision and ambitious goals. I value respectful dialogue between individuals, and a general respect for others' opinions, even theirs might differ drastically from yours. I believe in strong collaboration and creative feedback, to work towards a common goal.
As a 23-year-old young man, I try to envision the future to the best of my capabilities. I am aspired to be a filmmaker, creating stories that will hopefully touch and make people look at the world from different perspectives. Amidst telling stories, I feel it is essential to develop one's artistic and personal palette every single day and hopefully help others on their journey to whatever it is they strive towards.
Keep on living!
Matias Raassina
Currently studying Film Production (BA) in University for the Creative Arts - Farnham, England.
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