(Subtitled in English)
Sofia and Paulo are at a turning point in their relationship. They've lost each other into the banal waltz of day-to-day life. Paulo has drifted back to his old stubborn ways of drinking and partying, without realizing, Sofia is craving a dance through a summer night on cheap wine and feel the breeze of young love once more.
Starring: Katrin Monikainen, Pravi Singh,
 Jani Airiainen, Petteri Lassila, Meri Lindblad,
Eilen Silva, Julius Kalliokoski, Iida Blomqvist

Written, Produced and Directed by: Matias Raassina
Lighting Cameraman: Daniel Ahola
Choreography by: Chelsea Barclay
Original Soundtrack by: David Hamilton
Makeup and Hair by: Milana Keskikastari
Edited by: Matias Raassina

Language: Finnish
Country: Finland

Adagio Moving Pictures Ltd © 2022

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