Vain Me Kaksi (The Two of Us)

Young couple, Mikael and Elli are on the turning point of their relationship. One night Mikael follows his girlfriend into the bleak night only to find her in the arms of an another man. Even Elli denies this, Mikael decides to find out who this man is, only to find himself in a situation he didn’t want to be in.

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Starring: Julius Kalliokoski and Iida Blomqvist
Written, Edited and Directed by Matias Raassina
Produced by Matias Raassina and Daniel Ahola
Cinematography by Daniel Ahola
Music by Erkki Sippel and Matias Raassina

Country: Finland

Cine Cina Film Festival, Project Horizon (New York, USA) - OFFICIAL SELECTION - DAILY SHORT PICK

Breaking the scene on

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